Hello Beautiful!

I’m Gaby Rodriguez a.k.a Gardriguez

I started this blog in 2016, and it’s filled with my thoughts, things I love, advice, experiences and discoveries.

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Why ‘Gardriguez’?

Google Gabriela Rodriguez, I dare you. There are a lot of people with my name….so I smashed my first and last together and came up with Gardriguez.

What’s your style?

I love bold colours and soft gradients. I live for the challenge of subtraction. My likes are developed from experience and observation. Everything from modern minimalism, to mid century modern, pop, punk, goth, and all the sub-genres in between. See my style on Pinterest.

Why chihuahuas? 

I’m a proud chihuahua mama, and my girls Maddie and Evie are my everything. I love all dogs, as they’re honestly the best people, but my heart holds a special place for chihuahuas.

Where is home?

Condo living in Toronto, Canada. However, my hometown is Queens, New York and I go back often. Also…sometimes San Francisco, and sometimes Puerto Rico.

What equipment do you use?

I use my iPhone, iMac for editing and blogging, a selfie stick, and my Nikon DSLR camera. For photos, graphic design and video editing I use Canva, Google Photos and the Adobe Creative Suite of Applications. For social media management I use Buffer, for business and project management I use Trello.

Can I Advertise by hosting a giveaway or commissioning a sponsored post on your blog. Is that OK?

Definitely! Advertising through giveaways and sponsored posts are available on my website, however they are subject to approval and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  Keep in mind that I will only advertise on my blog for shops and brands that I really love. If you feel your products or services are a good fit for my style and readers, please get in touch using the form above and I’ll get in contact with you about how I can help you advertise.

I want to keep the conversation going on Social Media.

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One more question. Do you do collaborations?

Certainly! Guest posts and collaborations, are always welcome and they’re actually something I really look forward to. It’s important to remember that all collaborations and guest posts are subject to approval before publication or production. I will only promote creative works that I truly love and admire, and originality is a must. Collaborations may include: YouTube video guest; Guest Facebook content creator; Live tweets/webchats; Tumblr Posts; Instagram/Snapchat Stories; and Pinterest Board Collaborations.