5 Eye Makeup Tips Every Beginner Should Know by Gardriguez

5 Eye Makeup Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Please note that I am not a professional makeup artist. Let me repeat, please do not mistake me for a professional. That being said I really enjoy makeup and experimenting with it. I blame YouTube makeup bloggers who are 1 million X more talented than me when it comes to applying makeup. I am obsessed with the artistry of these individuals. How they get foundation to exactly match I’ll never know…it’s probably magic.

However, since I began watching these magicians I’ve noticed that there are a few tips many of them offer as they apply their eye makeup that are truly life saving hacks! Here are a few of my favourite…

1. Apply eyeshadow with your eyes open

I’ve heard quite a few vloggers note the importance of practicing to apply your own make up with your eyes open vs. closed. This is because when your eyes are closed it’s difficult to tell where exactly the shadow will sit on your eye lid or crease when you eyes are open. This one is a bit challenging, but I’m going to give it a try and see how well I’m able to master shadow application with my eyes open!


2. Do not stretch your eye to create a winged look

Once again, a lot of vloggers mention this. It makes sense, stretching your eye won’t necessarily give you that perfect line your looking for, but rather over time will cause the delicate skin around your eyes to sag and weaken.


3. When you use your fingers around the eye area to apply makeup or cream use your ring fingers and dab, don’t smear

I love this tip and I’ve wholly adopted this into my daily routine. Not only that…I tell everyone I know about it. That’s because like I mentioned in tip #2, the skin around our eyes is very delicate and thin. The skin can easily damage and it’s important to resist pulling to prevent sagging, and wear. Dab using your ring finger (finger with the least dexterity and therefore least strength). Your eyes will thank you later.


4. Curl your lashes before you apply shadow

Now this tip is a little more uncommon, but still it’s worth mentioning and is a way of life for me know as well. Curling your lashes before applying shadow may seem a little unconventional, but hear me out. The advantage to curling first is (at least for a girl with hooded lids like me) it allows me to see where my eyelashes will extend up to and provides me with a guide for applying shadow in my crease area. This tip may not be for everyone, but for me and for other hooded eye lid girls, this tip is life.

5. Always use eyeshadow primer

If you’re a major makeup geek then this tip may seem like a no brainer, but this post is for beginners and some of us don’t realize the importance of primer when we first start experimenting with makeup, ok?! Yea that was me. I didn’t know a thing about makeup, and primer? I was like…what’s that? But now I have escaped the dark side and I’m happy to say that my primer free days are long gone. Let’s just say I got tired of  my eyeshadow melting and sliding off my lids…It’s not a pretty look.

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