Clean Eating on a Budget in Toronto

Clean Eating on a Budget in Toronto

In the past few months, Marco and I have been working hard to transform our eating habits, but a lifetime of making poor choices doesn’t change overnight. We’re human, so from time to time Marc will reach for that bag of chips and me for the frozen yogurt…we all have our kryptonite.

So we started doing our research and decided that what we needed wasn’t a fad diet that would be difficult to stick to with our hectic schedules, but instead an entire lifestyle shift. So we decided on clean eating! We had already been doing it for a few years without even knowing it, so it seemed the most logical and reasonable choice!

If you’re not familiar with clean eating, it’s the idea that we should eat food the way it’s delivered to us by nature! There are a variety of ways that people go about their clean eating lifestyles, but for Marco and I we decided to keep it basic to prevent us from giving up!

I found an awesome article about clean eating here > What is Clean Eating?

And from that article I took a few basic concepts…

  1. Buying Organic

    • Now buying organic is one of those things that I wouldn’t dream of doing…not that I ever thought there was anything wrong with organics, it just seemed like something that would always be outside my budget! If you find yourself thinking the same, well think again and do your research! Buying organic can be more expensive that non-organic, but after a few months of clean eating we’ve discovered that its actually turned out to be a bit cheaper! That’s because we aren’t buying any processed foods any more and instead using that money to buy organics! One of the greatest discoveries in our clean eating journey has been Fresh City Farms.
    • Fresh City Farms is an organic grocery delivery service based in Toronto and what I love about it is it’s flexibility! If  you’re going away you can put your delivery on hold, if you’re not happy with the default groceries that will come in your bag, you can customize it! Not to mention the website is extremely user friendly, and not only do they deliver organic fruits and veggies they also have a market place where you can buy any kind of organic veggies.

Fresh City Farms Website_Select a Bag

TIP: To get started…select a bag that you’d like to receive weekly, they have smaller bags for couples and larger ones for families.

Clean Eating on a Budget in Toronto

Fresh City Farms Weekly Fruits and Veggie Bag

Clean Eating on a Budget in Toronto

A Peak inside the Bag!

Clean Eating on a Budget in Toronto

This week’s goodies :)

2. Avoiding Processed Foods

It’s so hard avoiding processed foods, but if you can the pay off is worth it! Another aspect of clean eating that we wanted to embrace was to avoid eating processed foods. We cheat from time to time, but we find that it’s important to approach each day as a new chance to do better. We’re reducing our sugar intake, white flour, pasta and instead opting for whole grains.

3. Reducing our Carbon Footprint

In this journey I’ve discovered that clean eating isn’t just about what goes in, but also the environmental impact that our food has. It’s also about the system that brings food to your table! This is another reason that I’m so happy that we found Fresh City Farms. On top of delivering affordable organics straight to our front door once a week there’s also a neat dashboard on our account that we see when we log in! It calculates…emissions our local buying has prevented, trees saved, dollars injected into local economy, and this one is all for us…number of hours saved by not having to do our own shopping. While all of the calculations are awesome and embrace a clean living agenda, it’s the last one that’s my favourite…because who doesn’t love all of a sudden having more hours during the week!

Fresh City Farms reducing our carbon footprint

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Clean Eating on a Budget in Toronto

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