The Works Burgers and Shakes

The Works: Burgers and Shakes in Toronto

I promised my sister poutine and dammit I’m going to get her poutine. We were downtown and when I’m downtown and in the mood for serious diner type comfort food my favourite place to go to and bring out of towners to, is The Works. Sure it’s a franchise, but the quality is top notch and I don’t think I’ve had a thicker milkshake in Canada. We went to their location near St. Lawrence Market at 60 Wellington Street East. Their menu is huge and hilarious as each item is some kind of play on words. We spend some time laughing at the names of their burgers until we settled on what we’d be ordering. Of course I got a veggie burger with sweet potato fries and vanilla shake, and my sister, well she ordered a real deal beef burger with a chocolate shake. She’s a tiny thing so finishing was a struggle, and even though we originally went in for the poutine…we ended up wrapping up the fries and taking it home.

Reading the menu | Gardriguez

Veggie Burger, sweet potato fries, and vanilla shake | Gardriguez

She's giving up on finishing her meal | Gardriguez


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