Stone Texture Throw Pillow Covers: Trending Fall 2016
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Stone Texture Throw Pillows: TRENDING FALL 2016

Some insist that Spring is the yearly time of renewal, but I couldn’t disagree more. For me Fall has always been the best time of year to refresh, to reimagine myself and my surroundings. I think it stems my grammar school days when Fall meant back to school shopping, new accessories, and most importantly my new Lisa Frank planner. My tastes have matured and this season I’m compiling lists of a few of my favourite fall things. My favourite fall trend is stone texture pillows, which bring a taste of nature into your bedroom or living spaces.

Stone Texture Throw Pillows: Trending Fall 2016

1. Marble

2. Gold Marble

3. Grey + Gold Gemstone

4. White Stone

5. Marble Texture 85

6. Grey Marble

7. Colour of Stone

8. Blue Colour of Stone


What do you think of this Fall trend? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!



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