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How to Explore California’s Napa Valley with Dogs

If there’s a dog in your life you want to take them everywhere with you. And why wouldn’t you?! They’re a member of the family! I get it. My two pups are the joys of my life and wherever I go, they go. I’m lucky that I have travel size canines, so I get away with bringing them places larger breeds might not be able to go, but even big breed mamas will be happy to learn that Napa, California is one of those spectacular places where dogs are welcome with many places allowing you to bring your dog just about everywhere!

This isn’t to say that some attractions and vineyards don’t have rules, but by and large I found most places incredibly accommodating with my dogs. So much so that it’s one my all time favourite places to visit with my dogs. Also I like to drink so…WIN WIN!

1. Check the vineyards policies before showing up

Try not to leave things to the last minute. Take a moment before hand to look up the vineyards you plan on visiting. While many attractions are dog friendly not all of them are. Every time I visit Napa I go to Hagafen a fabulous mom and pop type vineyard that is extremely dog friendly! Dog’s are permitted to enter the wine tasting area and there are fresh water bowls to greet them!

2. The weather is great in Napa so find a lunch spot with outdoor seating

The sunshine in Napa is unparalleled. On my last two trips we ate at Gott’s Roadside a cute little 1950s style roadside dinner. But don’t be fooled this place turns out gourmet burgers and sides, and of course has a great selection of wine. The best part is the large outdoor eating space equipped with picnic tables that have umbrellas to keep you and your dog in the shade.

Want to treat yo self? We went to Bouchon Bakery for their renowned macaroons and bought some of their gourmet dog biscuits so Maddie could treat herself too! I sat on the pretty benches outside to enjoy my chai latte and pistachio macaroons while Maddie chomped on her biscuit.

3. Bring water

My dogs are desert dogs so I call them my cactus plants, but if it’s really hot out they’ve been known to look for a sip of water. I carry around a water bottle designed just for them so that they can drink when they need to. A lot of places have bowls out for the dogs to drink from, but I’d rather carry my own.

4. Keep your dog on leash at all times

Everywhere you go in Napa there are huge crowds of tourists. There are a lot of great places off the beaten path to break free from the masses, but at most of the major vineyards and lunch spots there will be people! For this reason I think it’s important to keep your dog close at all times. My sister’s dog can walk off leash, but we know that Napa isn’t the place for it so leash time it is.

Do you have experience travelling with your dogs to Napa? Leave me a comment, I’d love to learn about new place to visit!

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How to Explore California's Napa Valley with Dogs | Cognac and Chai by Gardriguez

If there’s a dog in your life you want to take them everywhere with you. And why wouldn’t you?!



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