Weekday night at the Toronto Christmas Market with my mom and dad
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Toronto Christmas Market 2016

It is the Christmas season, and although I identify as more of a Halloween person it’s easy to get into the Christmas spirit at Toronto’s Christmas market. It’s one of my favourite things to do in the city during this time of year. It’s always extremely busy on weekends so we went on a weekday evening to avoid the big crowds. My mom and dad were in town celebrating their retirement and it was really nice playing only child for the weekend.

Playing the only child for a weekend

I love me some chai

Free Kisses for a pic...sure!

It’s hard to explain myself but I think anyone with siblings would understand. Often times when you have a large family you’re always splitting your mom and dad’s time with your other siblings. There’s nothing wrong with this it’s just what it’s like in a big family. That week was also special for me because my mom and dad were seeing for the first time and staying at our new apartment. They were meeting Evie and they were spending quality time with me.

I took them to St. Lawrence market where they got a kick out of its history and food options, but of course my mom and dad found the souvenir shop at the entrance the most inviting and argued over who they should get gifts for back home. I told them everybody probably has enough stuff that says “Canada”on it (I’ve only been living here for 11 years), but my mom and dad ended up buying a few souvenirs anyway.

They really liked it

After the market we drove over to the Christmas market and we parked pretty easily because on a week day we didn’t have to compete with the large crowds that come out on weekends. I introduced my mom and dad to the convenience of GreenP. Wandering the Christmas market we went slowly and took our time to take in all of the beautiful crafts, decorations, and atmosphere. My mom got a kick out of the beer garden… I think it’s because it seemed like people were drinking on the street and it seemed sort of European to her. I explained that the Distillery District and this particular area was private property and that the beer garden was was more like a private patio, but still she asked me to take a picture of her in front of it.

She got a kick out of all the people drinking on the 'street'

I hope I’m able to enjoy the Christmas Market again next year. Overall, we took a lot of selfie’s, I found Twinning’s Vanilla Chai Tea and I got to witness how much my mom and dad now both recently retired love each other.

sneaking a kiss

Mom and dad are cute

Enjoying the market



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I've always considered myself more of a Halloween person, but the Christmas Market only happens once a year



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