Museums have always been my favourite places.
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Wednesday Nights at the AGO

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One thing I love about living in Toronto The access to the arts. I’m from New York city so know that there isn’t as much variety in Toronto as there is a New York, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. I always found being from and living in New York to be overwhelming. There were too many options, too many things to do and as a result I always found easier to withdraw and to sit out. I was way more of a homebody when I lived in New York compared to when I began living in Toronto. Toronto. Today I still appreciate Toronto for being a smaller city and I’m grateful for how easy it is to get around. But I’m not here to talk about the size of Toronto versus the size of New York.

Stunning architecture

Dinner on Dundas

Wood stairs

graffiti carCanadian colours


I’m wanted to write this post to share some pics and describe my experience at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) on a Wednesday night. On Wednesdays at the AGO general admission is free and the museum employs a completely open door policy. It was really nice to just walk into a museum without the feeling of barriers…The flow of the crowd into the space was inspiring. I enjoyed witnessing the groups of people taking advantage of Wednesday nights free admission, there were groups of friends, families, couples with young children, and elderly patrons. The place was packed which told me that people in Toronto are hungry for culture, and take advantage of what the city offers to the best of their abilites. We wandered the exhibits and it was my sister’s first time there. I hadn’t been in a while, but I was still familiar with a few of the permanent exhibits and I navigated us to the more interesting displays. We connected by exploring the galleries and discussing the art as we went. Sometimes I think people forget what is possible in museums.

This really connected with me

Museums have a special place in my heart; I’ve worked in several museums in different capacities as a curator’s assistant, a research assistant, a children’s gallery volunteer, in the gift shop, and as a docent. I’ve always loved being in museums ever since I was a kid because I love learning through seeing, not thinking an abstract terms or words on a page, but through actually witnessing and seeing with my own eyes. I think some people are bored by museums because they think that you must be interested in history or art in order to have fun at the museum. I think anyone who things this way would benefit from changing their perspective on museums by adopting the mindset that museums are spaces to initiate conversations, ask questions, and exercise curiosity. Visiting Museums doesn’t have to be a passive exercise. In our conversations while strolling through the galleries I discovered things I didn’t know about my sister and she discovered that she didn’t know everything there is to know about me.




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Museums have always been my favourite places.





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